Since you found our App, there is a good chance you know that HomeKit setups can become complicated. You get a new Accessory, create a new Scene here, and add a few Automations there. Suddenly you have 30+ Automations, and every time you're looking for one, it takes quite some time to find it.

With Smart Folders, you can keep track of all the parts in your Home. A Smart Folder is a set of Filters with a name. You choose the content of a Smart Folder by defining fitting Filters. Then, in the future, you can access that content very quickly by selecting the Smart Folder.

It sounds more complicated than it is. So let's take a look at some examples:


With every Scene you create, it becomes harder to find a Scene when you need it.

You can make this easier by grouping Scenes in Smart Folders.

An obvious way to do this is to group them by their name.


Automation is arguably the most complex part of HomeKit.

In many cases, you need multiple rules to achieve your desired behavior.

For example, you might have many rules for a single remote or numerous, slightly different rules for each day of the week.

A Smart Folder can group rules that belong together.


Smart Folders help you to find Accessories faster.

By filtering for specific Characteristics, they also let you create views that compose data.

For example, you can build an overview to show your batteries' states or the current temperature in all your Rooms.


Logs let you keep track of everything that happens in your Home.

If you are especially interested in certain parts of your setup, it's a great idea to create Smart Folders for them.

With this, you can verify that an Automation is working as planned, or you could find out how often a motion sensor is triggered.