HomeKit setups are often complex, and there are some issues that we see happening time and time again. They clutter your home and may cause unwanted HomeKit behavior. Mostly they are easy to fix but hard to find.

Due to this, we introduced our Maintenance feature. It allows you to identify, understand and solve the most common issues in HomeKit setups. With it, it’s easy to keep your home organized and avoid annoying problems.

Low Battery

The low battery view gives you an overview of your battery-powered Accessories. It keeps track of the battery levels and informs you if they get too low. In addition, you can set a threshold that determines when a battery level is considered low.



Created by Siri

Since iOS 15, Siri can create Automations for you. E.g., “Hey Siri, turn the lights off in 5 minutes”. However, sometimes she doesn’t get it right. Or you just changed your mind and want to cancel that Automation. The maintenance view shows you all your Automations created by Siri in one place so that you can check what’s going on.

What else?

We frequently help users with HomeKit issues, and some of them keep coming up. Maintenance will help you deal with the most common of them. As for now, these are: