Smart Homes are great because they can make your daily life more comfortable. Well, except when they don't. Sometimes automations don't work as you expect, or something behaves weirdly. Logs help you deal with that.

If logs are activated, Controller records state changes for all characteristics, as long as the app is running. With this history, you can analyze what's happening in your home.


Logs can give you exciting insights into your smart home. They can tell you what's happening in a room, if automations are executed as scheduled, or even how fast an accessory's battery is discharging.

Filters and Smart Folders

A lot is going on in a home, and logs grow rapidly. Filters make it is easy to get down to essential information. Smart Folders can give you quick access to filters that you frequently use.

Accessory Logs

In many cases, it's helpful to see an accessory's activity quickly. The accessory view gives you fast access to its logs.

Characteristic Logs

The logs of a single characteristic utilize a more compact layout. You can access them in the context menu (long press) of a characteristic.