Setting up a smart home is a lot of work.

From naming accessories to creating a complex set of automations, it is easy to spend hours on your setup. Controller for HomeKit helps you to keep your setup safe. Create a Backup so you can always recover if something goes wrong.

However, Backups in Controller let you do much more than just recovering from a broken setup.

Use cases

Disaster Recovery

The reliability of HomeKit is far from perfect. Sadly, sometimes HomeKit breaks your setup.

Most of these issues are due to iCloud synchronization problems. Sometimes a simple restart of the device is enough. However, some suggest logging out from iCloud and logging in again, which can have unexpected consequences and should not be taken lightly.

With a Backup created with Controller, you are well prepared for such issues.

Seasonal Setups

In winter, many smart homes get equipped with thermostats and complex automations to ensure cozy rooms without wasting energy. However, they are unused during the summer, and their scenes and automations clutter your setup with useless elements for months. On the other side, many gardens get a smart irrigation system to water the plants in summer, which is futile in winter.

Controller allows you to archive these Scenes and Automations. Archives are a special kind of Backup and let you remove parts of your Home temporarily from your setup until you need them again.

Experiments and Accidental Changes

Many HomeKit users love to optimize their setups. They experiment with adjustments or repurpose accessories in different rooms. But, as we all know, the result can be a "not so smart" home.

Can you remember all the things you have changed and their previous state? With a Backup, you can see the changes quickly and revert some or all of them if you want.

Replace Broken Accessories